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Power to LEAd - P2l
"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality."
- Warren Bennis  

It's time to gain the clarity and confidence you need to show up at your best and make a meaningful LEADERSHIP IMPACT in  business and life.   
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Discover CLARITY on where you want to be in business and life, and develop the blueprint to achieve it. 

Drive RESULTS by adopting the right mindset, behaviors, habits and accountability to win in business and life.

Build the CONFIDENCE necessary to pursue your dreams and passions without limitation. 

      Do you want to be a better person and leader?  Would you like to improve your ability to develop those around you?  Are you struggling in your current role?  Are you unsure of your next steps?  Would you describe yourself as struggling to motivate your team, or unsure of how to take your organization to the next level?  Or maybe... you're just feeling overwhelmed and lonely as a leader.  If this is you, register for P2L. 
      *** Anyone Can Do This ***
      Power 2 Lead is a powerful 3 month group coaching course that develops the skill of leadership while encouraging personal development.  It will push and stretch you to grow into the person you desire to become.  
      • Clarity.  Develop clarity on what you want. Create your Mission, Vision, and GPS.
      • ​Dirt Work.  Recognize your own reality, define your future, establish personal promises, and build the blueprint for success.  
      • Tool Kit.  Learn new tools, develop skills, adopt the right mindset, implement proper habits and create new behaviors.
      • ​Results.  Apply what you learn, see the results and pursue your dreams and passions.
      • ​Confidence.  Define processes and systems, establish discipline, and consistently practice accountability.
      What if we told you this has been one of the most widely talked about and successful courses we have launched to date? What if we told you P2L has transformed leaders, created winning cultures and  lives worth living? Would you sign up today?
      *** Created for leaders, by leaders ***
      Welcome to Power To Lead - aka P2L!

      P2L is about you.  It produces clarity on what matters most to you in your life and business. Then it helps you develop a plan to go from where you are to where you want to be.  You might say it provides a blueprint to move you closer to your vision of success.  

      What's the commitment? 
      1x per week (60 min) Group Coaching, plus  
      1x per week  1 on 1 - Live coaching in front of the group - Zoom Call (Recorded)

      INVESTMENT: $1,000 per month - 3 Months

      WHO this is for: The Power To Lead coaching group is for leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, and salespeople who want to think bigger.  It's for individuals who want to live a compelling mission, grow and scale their business, and create leverage in their life.

      At the end of this course you will walk away with the clarity and confidence you need to translate vision into a reality. 

        Levi Gurno & Jared Larsen

        Levi - is a co-owner of INFLUENCE.  He is a professional coach, speaker, and trainer.  He has spent the past decade leading and empowering high performance individuals and teams, including executive level clients.

        Jared - is a co- owner of INFLUENCE and has founded multiple organizations that focus on helping future leaders discover the confidence, tools, skills, habits and mindset to achieve their potential.

        Don't Take our word for it...
        100% Money Back Guarantee
        If you register for the Power To Lead - P2L and aren't absolutely in love with the program, we will return your enrollment fee, no questions asked. 

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